1. File Management
2. Communications
3. Statutory & Regulatory Compliance
4. HOA Board & Staff Contact
5. Legal Notices Representative
6. Eviction Matters Representation
7. Insurance Coverage Facilitation
8. Buying & Selling Properties
9. Termination Documents Handling

"Promoting Quality and Safety in Living Spaces"

1. Coordinate Vacancy Inspections
2. Preventive Maintenance (frequency depending on type and condition of property)
3. Routine Maintenance (before and after leasing and depending on type and
4. Repairs Coordination
5. Rehab & Renovation Facilitation
6. Main Contact & Coordinator for Contractors/VendorsType your paragraph here.

Full & Limited Services

​​A Property Vision​, LLCFiguring It Out Together Since 2008

APV Property Management, LLC

1. Accounts Receivables & Payables              Processing & Monitoring
2. Bank Deposits
3. Handling of Funds
4. Financial Reports
5. Trust Bank Account

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1. Marketing (photos, property description)
2. Advertise Vacancy
3. Main Contact for Advertisement Communications
4. Main Contact for Lessee
5. Prepare property to show and rent
6. Show Property
7. Screen Tenants (application, interview, background & credit checks, proof of income, current & previous rental references)
8. Before and After Lessee Walkthroughs
9. All Lease Documents Preparation and Processing
10. Lessee Non-payment and Termination Documents Preparation and Processing
11. Lease Renewals
12. Keys Handling

                                       Basic Services

Preparing for Rent                                        Advertising and Renting

Collecting Rent & Security Deposit              Tenant Relations

Inspecting at move-in & out                         Related Administration

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